• Pakula Uzi White Crystal MT Lumo
    Pakula Uzi White Crystal MT Lumo
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This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 13 February, 2016.


Model uziwhitecrys
Manufacturer Pakula Lures
Price:   $13.25
This tiny five and a half inch lure was a way of using up left over material when pouring normal sized heads and the remaining 6" clone skirts as we no longer market that series of lures. Though we put the same effort into this lures development as we do with all of them we did not expect such a small lure to excel so quickly as a tournament winner. The Uzi is a tiny version of the very successful Pakula Zipper. Though we thought this lure would be great for small tuna, mackerel, bonito, kingfish etc, we did not expect it to do as well as it has in catching marlin up to 300kg!!. Within a month of it's release the UZI had won the Cairns Light Tackle Tournament, The Ribbons Light Tackle and has been used in winning The Frazer Coast and the Gold Coast Bluewater Tournaments. The Uzi has been in such high demand since its introduction we have had special skirts made just for this lure. In fact the colour range is even more extensive than those available for our larger lures. This lure has certainly excelled to such an extent many anglers actually stop using it at times because they have to stop every 100 yards to pull in the fish!!! Name: Original Uzi Code: PUZ10 Length: 143mm / 5.5" Hooks: Dojo 20 (25 for Billfish) Min Class: 4kg Max Trace: 100lb Position: All positions