Preventative Maintenance

No matter how hard you rode your gear, it should never be put away wet. “The worse thing for your hooks, when not in use, is any kind of moisture,”. “So when you come off the water for the last time this year, let all your gear sit out to dry before storing them over the off-season.” At the end of the season, place small silica packs in boxes. Silica packs, which come in almost every box of electronics and many other products you buy, absorb moisture from the air. Instead of throwing them away, save them for your tackleboxes. “Then you don’t have to worry about humidity getting in there and rusting your hooks,”. Rod and Reel Storage To ensure optimal performance from reels next season, strip them of all line, remove them from their rods, take them apart and re-oil all their moving parts. “And then after you them back together, don’t tighten the drag back down all the way,”. “That can help prolong the life of your components.”